Monday, August 9, 2010

Hamilton County Commission district lines to be redrawn?

The last time the Hamilton County commission district lines were voted on was after the last census in 2001. After the census this year, I wonder if the lines will be redrawn again in 2011?

This may be the time to change some districts and make them more consistent. Really--what do East Lake and Lookout Valley have in common? Now with both the county commissioner and school board representative from Lookout Valley; it's time to redraw the 6th and affect several commission districts with this redesign.

Here is my proposal starting with the 6th:
Let's make the 6th more in one place instead of connecting two vastly different areas by a one-mile wide precinct.
I would suggest dropping the following precincts from the 6th:
missionary ridge, east lake, cedar hill, ridgedale, piney woods, sunnyside, highland park, eastside 1, eastside 2, and moutain creek 4.
And now let's make the 6th more in one area by adding these precincts (all from district 2):
lookout mountain 1 and 2, lookout valley 2 and 3, st elmo 2 and 4

Now that would make a common-sense district 6.

The dominoes are falling now because what to do with the former 6th precincts and what to add to the district 2 precincts?

District 5 would pick up the sunnyside and ridgedale precincts.

District 4 would lose Harrison 3 and 4 (picked up by district 9) and also lose North Chattanooga 1 and 2 (picked up by district 2 which would also pick up mountain creek 4)

District 4 would add Highland Park, Eastside 1 and Eastside 2.

District 8 would lose Concord 1 and 2 and Brainerd Hills and pick up cedar hill, missionary ridge and East Lake!

Sounds like a good plan. Many people from East Lake and Cedar Hill shop in East Ridge anyway--a lot more than Concord 1 and 2 residents do.

Just an idea--who knows: it all may stay the same.