Thursday, July 26, 2012

Food on the Road for Summer Leadership Training

One of those questions always asked of summer leadership training staff is where and what did you eat.  Usually, we don't tell, but I'm going to commit a faux pas and dedicate this post to answering that question. I would say first that I did bring a big bag of snacks and drinks that I paid for without reimbursement, so I provided my own road-tripping snacks and Mountain Dew. As did every other member of the traveling team.

After arriving Friday night, the whole team drove out to a PTA supporter's house, a beautiful home by the way.  Her and her family had us as guests for dinner.  A delicious fare of salad and lasagna was served.  I would have to say that the lasagna was better than almost any Italian restaurant I've visited.  Then she brought out a homemade parfait for dessert. Yum, yum!

On Saturday, we had breakfast provided for us at the Clarksville training stop by Sango Elementary and the vendors at the stop.

When we got back to Nashville, we ate a late lunch at Chilli's on West End Ave.  I had the very delicious shrimp tacos.  Oh yeah, definitely worth it! And spicy too!

Dinner was on our own Saturday night. Some went back to the PTA supporter's home as guests for dinner. I and another team member had coupons for free pizza! And when I say free-no money needed. But let me tell you--Jets Pizza in Nashville is voted number one for a reason.  A small pizza (a small pizza!) each stuffed my friend and I full!  And man was it good.  When I have a chance, I'm going back to pay for a pizza from Jets because I know it will be worth it both in quantity and quality.

My Sunday morning breakfast was provided by my snack bag.  I brought cherry frosted pop tarts with me knowing I needed some type of breakfast Sunday.

On the way to Memphis early Sunday afternoon, the travel team stopped for lunch at Logans in Dickinson.  I had the chopped sirloin steak with two sides. Great meal!

After settling into our hotel, the travel team went to Jason's Deli. Each one of us received a donated $10 gift card from Jason's Deli.  I had the roast beef sandwich and chips and free ice cream. All for under $10!

The Hampton Inn at Southwind had a great complimentary breakfast.  So, the whole travel team was able to eat a free breakfast before going to stop number two at Southwind High School.

Our Monday lunch was paid for by Memphis-Delta PTA Region, the local host for our stop number two. McCallister's Deli provided different choices of boxed lunches.

After packing up and leaving Southwind High School, the team stopped at the local Dairy Queen for ice cream. I had a vanilla malt. The whole tab was picked up by a volunteer from the travel team! Thank you, kind sir!

Our Monday evening dinner was my first visit to a P.F. Chang's!  Hmm, hmm good! I had the surprisingly delicious orange peel shrimp! Are you seeing a seafood pattern? I love fish and seafood!

Stop number three was in the state office in Nashville. The vendors were there at 7:30 am so an early free breakfast could be found.

Mid-Cumberland Region and South Central Region, the local hosts for this stop, paid for the team's lunch of deli-sliced meats and cheese and cake!

On the way to Chattanooga, we stopped at Sonic in Smyrna for more ice cream! But I didn't have ice cream as I settled for a corn dog. But the whole tab was picked up by another volunteer from the travel team! Thank you!

Well, I went home for dinner Tuesday evening as the travel team pulled into Chattanooga for stop number four as did another person from the travel team who lives in Chattanooga.  So, I don't know where the remaining travel team ate. Their hotel had complimentary breakfast for them.

Lunch at Chattanooga for the travel team was barbeque and all of the fixins provided by Renee at World's Finest Chocolates.  Man that was some good BBQ!

Well, I had to go to work the rest of the week but as you can tell, we had a lot of free food and we didn't go hungry!