Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Repressed Memories from the 70s

I loved the music of the 80s. The music scenes of the 80s were one-of-a-kind. D.C., Lawrence, Little Rock, Cincinnati, and many more cities.

But I have been repressing my 70s self, it seems.

Memories from the 70s were blocked from my mind. Maybe it is that nauseating feeling I get when I hear “Ring my Bell” or other disco-maniacal songs.  Or maybe it was that nauseating feeling I got after eating lunch at my middle school. I could blame Nixon, Ford, and Carter, but then Reagan came in afterwards so bleh.  Maybe, Mork and Mindy is the root of all 70s malaise. Or the oil embargo.

But the 70s should have been the best of times.

High school was blast; even back when I was in high school. My Dad changed careers completely and everyone in my family benefited.  I was a high school letterman. I was driving an old pickup truck followed by driving, in my senior year, a cool-looking car.  There was “We will Rock You” Queen and the Who with Pinball Wizard.  Frisbee golf. Ping pong tournaments. Youth leadership in 4-H and in church conference. Good family times.  Attending a church where the many of the best looking girls in high school also attended.  Yeah, the last four years of the 70s should have overcome the drudgery from middle school and downward.  But it did not.

For the first time, this week, I voluntarily sat down and listened to England Dan and John Ford Coley.  Not a pretty sight but I recalled a lot memories. Sometimes, we all need voluntary “England Dan moments” just to recall our life, our journey.