Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The nine senators should channel Mary Ellen Lease

So, the Republicans have won a supermajority in each of the Tennessee state houses.  Nothing can stop a supermajority imparting its will.  And there are 9 Democratic senators. In the Tennessee State Senate. Being a Democrat in the state senate is a lonely place to be.

My advice for the nine? I would take a page from the Kansan Mary Ellen Lease and shout. "Raise hell and not corn!"  If it were me as one of the nine, I would become an angry, jaded senator.

I would stage walkouts, refuse to vote, be irreverent, ridicule, accuse, burn bridges, and scorch the Earth. What is there to lose? Be redistricted? Not until 2021!

These nine shouldn't be quiet to play the game of statemanship. If they have the cojones, they need to be a pain, to be defiant, to be a dissident. That is the only power game they have left.