Thursday, December 27, 2012

Local Cousins-in-law

Ok--there is no official family title as cousin-in-law, but I have a lot of them around this metro area.

Cousins are often those people who little kids first make friends with outside of their siblings. First cousins are children of siblings so family get-togethers among brothers and sisters often involve cousins. So there is often a kinship among first cousins, at least.

Well just in this metro area alone, I have 14 cousins in law. And I saw almost all of them on Christmas Day for the big annual family dinner gatherin'.

I jotted down their local occupations (or other location) and here is the list:

5 are in retail sales or in corporate sales
2 are at home mommies
2 are registered nurses (RN)
1 is a police officer
1 is a firefighter
1 works at the VW plant
1 is retired and traveling to different state parks
1 is in prison.

My cousins in law within this area are for the most part contributors to this city/area with their own families, marriages, schools, churches, and work.