Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Decisions that come back around - Librarian

Thirty years ago, I was a graduating college senior heading to one of the toughest graduate journalism programs in the country (at that time).

First, let me say something about that graduate school: ROCK CHALK, JAYHAWK!!!

Okay - back to where I was. Thirty years ago I was heading to KU graduate level J-school. The best. Because as a writer, I wanted to be challenged by the best.

But this young, fresh-behind-the-ears career counselor at my low-level, small, tinyish college said something to me that at the time I did not respect. He said rethink about KU and journalism - you should get a graduate degree in library science.

Library science, really? How would library science further my goals into politics or political writings or effect change in social justice? A librarian - please.

Eight years later - I was an out-of-work, dejected writer looking for a job. Any job.  I landed a support-level job at a college library. And I became an active volunteer in my schools and community.

Fast forward twenty-three years later. I'm back in graduate school. VFL. UTK. Working for that graduate degree in information science. At a much older age - past the prime for advancement in the field.

And if I wanted, I could wallow in the "what ifs" because there are plenty of them. What if thirty years ago? What if I started information science school 15 years earlier?  But I know my life would not be what it is now. I would never give up being a Rock Chalk alum for nothing (double negative, don't care).

So, this story is more about decisions that come back around. Brandishing idealism replaced by living serenely. A decision came back around. This time, the answer was different.

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