Sunday, July 24, 2016

What I did for Two Weekends in July - PTA Summer Leadership Training!

Summer Leadership Training at Knoxville.

Imagine six people from different parts of the state piling workshop materials and luggage into one van and that group traveling to different cities in Tennessee.  Well, that's what I did.  Tennessee PTA annual summer leadership training was split up this year into a three-day weekend and a two-day weekend.

Chattanooga - Johnson City - Knoxville was the first part. Then Nashville - Memphis was the second part. I led workshops at four of the five stops, missing out on the stop in Memphis.  I met a lot of new PTA friends and reconnected with current PTA friends.  The traveling team built a camaraderie traveling from the state office in Nashville to Chattanooga, to Johnson City, to Knoxville, and back to the state office to unload.  And in Nashville the next weekend, we met up again to lead workshops. Four of the six travel team went on to Memphis the next day to lead another series of workshops.

What other Tennessee volunteer organization does this? Sending volunteers out, who give up vacation time and work pay, to travel to different parts of the state to connect, to network and to train local volunteers. I say not a single one except Tennessee PTA!

The PTA difference! 

Also - there were two restaurants worth mentioning for great food!

In Johnson City - we went to the Mad Greek with two local PTA leaders joining us for dinner.

In Knoxville - we went to the Cedar Bluff Aubrey's with several local PTA leaders joining us for dinner.

More group pictures from each of the stops that I attended:

Summer Leadership Training at Johnson City

Summer Leadership Training at Nashville

Summer Leadership Training at Chattanooga

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