Saturday, March 25, 2017

What a Wonderful Christmas 2016

Three months ago, it was December 25, 2016. Christmas Day. There were three gifts - touching, very thoughful gifts. It's time to share those gifts and to remember.

Our dryer went kaput. I had become quite adept with indoor clothes line hanging and drying methods. But it was a slow process.  David and Dani bought their mother and I a gift. They bought a dryer.

So - we were a normal laundry household again. Well, until the washing machine went kaput two months later. But that was replaced and we are good to go for house laundry!

The next two gifts made me well up some tears.

David sent a picture that Dani took to a photo lab.  The picture was transformed into a large canvas picture. The picture is of David, Dad, Mom, and me. The canvas picture is a beauty and hangs below the picture of the Lord's Supper in our dining room. The large canvas is so special to me after Dad died last May; it is a reminder of a joyful moment to look at each morning.

Dani asked for something that Dad signed - his signature. I thought she wanted to have a signature to copy to keep as a memento. And she did!  She had a sunflower tattoo placed on her arm with Dad's signature above it.  Wow - what a loving testament to Dad and his love for all!

Christmas 2016 was a beautiful, shining light remembering Dad and helping our household. My wife and I are very blessed with two wonderful, passionate children.

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