Saturday, January 13, 2018


In 1970-71, my mom was taking me to see medical professionals for regular monthly visits in Hays. The trip to Hays took an hour. One-way. So, naturally, I got hungry before heading back home.

That’s where I got hooked on Sandy’s. Sandy’s was a fast-food chain with a Scottish-based theme. The workers wore Scottish-plaid berets and the food was really cheap. 

The menu at the Sandy's restaurant included a 15¢ hamburger, a 20¢ milkshake, and a 10¢ bag of French fries. My favorite, the Mariner (fish sandwich), was 15¢.

Once, I was able to splurge for a Big Scott – two single patties with cheese and the special Sandy’s sauce.  As one could guess, Sandy’s was started by three guys who were unhappy franchisees of McDonalds. The Scottish-based theme and the Big Scott were all directed toward their former partners.

Sandy’s was located at 2700 Vine Street in Hays. That’s where the Hays Chamber of Commerce is now across from Walgreens.

Hardees bought out Sandy’s in late 1971 and then they were gone. A few Sandy’s stayed around with different names. One of those few was Bucky’s in Lawrence. I was fortunate to be a student at KU when Bucky’s was still open for business.

I loved the Scottish motif and the food. Back then, news like the Hardees buyout wasn’t in our life cycle. One day, Sandy’s was there, and another day, it was gone, and we didn’t know why.  The beauty of the Web is that now I can find out what happened to businesses like Sandy’s. Boy, I sure do miss it and those prices.

My favorite Sandy’s television commercial – Big Scott.


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