Thursday, February 23, 2012

My Favorite iPhone Apps

Well, everyone it seems has their favorite apps.  Here are some of my favorite apps for my iPhone, which are different that my favorite apps for my iPad.  Why the difference? To me, the main factor is the iPhone is portable; the iPad is more viewer friendly.  These favorite apps are shaped by my location and by my work.

Dropbox—the most convenient way to drag and drop files from my PC to a mobile device and vice versa.

Evernote—record a voice note or import a PDF and organize my life.

Chattanooga TV apps: WRCB, WTVC and WDEF: All three apps provide something different but are similar in content.
 The WTVC-app display of headline news seems a little more crisp in viewing than the WRCB app and also advertisement free at the moment.
  The weather tab found in the WRCB app quickly provides information, along with the Chattanooga must-have WRCB Radar app, and the “more” tab is really useful in organizing different types of news headlines.
  The WDEF app uses the same platform as the WRCB app but provides some really useful tools. Under the weather tab, there is access to a radar view. Under the "more" tab, there is a QR scanner, link to staff blogs, and a link to gas prices.

The essential Hootsuite – I know there are other types of Twitter / Social media dashboard apps.  In fact, I have many of them on my phone. But Hootsuite to me is just ahead of the game in creating streams, linking apps, and linking to services like Instapaper.  This is by far my most used app.

ESPN Sportcenter—Hey, I’m a sports nut.

JotNot Pro – Take a picture of a document, convert to PDF, upload to Google Docs and makes me look like a genius.

STAT!Ref – A highly-reputable medical library database in my hand! Unfortunately, one has to be a student or staff at an institution with database access to use this app.

AML My College – Another library database app in my hand! Biographies, business journals, academic journals, newspaper articles, multicultural journals, literature criticisms and more. I’m a walking librarian.

TuneIn Radio – Get to listen to my childhood rock radio station in Kansas while in Tennessee.  Nothing like hearing advertisements for farm equipment and cattle scratchers to bring back memories.