Sunday, February 5, 2012

Preds: Nashville Predators, that is

As most of my followers on Twitter know (on Twitter @orangejayhawk) I am a big Preds fan.  That would be Nashville Predators NHL hockey.  (I know I said hockey twice with the initials but that's where I and rigid grammarians separate.)
Anyways, back to the Preds.  Pekka Rinne is the goalie for the Preds this season and he made two great stops in last night's game against the St.Louis Blues (Last night = 2/4/12)
Here is the video of one of those saves:

Also debuting last night during intermission, was the Dierks Bentley vs. Shea Weber video.  Shea Weber plays for the Preds and has one of the fastest slap shots in the NHL at 106 mph.  Dierks Bentley is, so I've been told by my wife, a country music star. Sorry, I don't know country music that well beyond Keith Whitley and Hank Williams Jr.
Here is the video of Bentley v. Weber: