Monday, July 29, 2013

President Obama is No Democrat

President Barack Obama has been labeled as a far left-wing liberal, a socialist, a man bent on destruction. All so laughable. All so ludicrous. What is Mr. Obama really? Just a Moderate Republican masquerading as a Democrat.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out whose playbook Obama is copying. A Republican president, who was considered in his day a conservative: Richard M. Nixon.

Where does Obamacare and Romneycare come from--Richard Nixon's proposal to Congress for a national health insurance exchange. Wow. Just really original left-handed stuff. Not.

Where does propping up corporations with block federal grants and labor and wage control come from? Straight out of Tricky Dick's political handbook.

How about using the IRS to punish enemies and wiretapping domestic surveillance? Ooh, once again the Nixon's "Plan for America" handbook.

Obama pushing the envelope into far leftist liberalism? How about history repeating itself instead. Even our European political scientists can see there's hardly any difference between Mr. Obama and mainstream Republicans. These guys from Europe practically have Obama and the Republicans living at the same political philosophical address.

The only real liberals Americans ever had a choice of electing as a modern US president were in 1968--Hubert Humphrey; 1972--George McGovern, and 2000--Ralph Nader.  Everybody else claiming to be left has been milquetoast at best.

So what am I saying?

Ideas from a 1970 Republican president are being called socialist. Anyone saying that Obama is a socialist is useless to the current political discussion. Obama a far left-wing liberal? Please, no left wing organization claims him.

That is what we have in today's American political discussion--a rabid, lunatic fringe of a right-wing hiding behind an eminence front of talk radio and the Tea Party and lobbing political grenades only because they can without any acknowledgement of the damage being done by their actions.

And, that, my friends, is sickening.

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