Monday, August 5, 2013

The Thing I Think is Hypocritical Christian

I think most people know that I lived in a parsonage when in high school. But by then, my theological beliefs were beginning to formulate. 

I tweeted a while back that my theology was heavily influenced by Liberation Theology (anybody who is impoverished gets an automatic ticket to heaven) but mixed with a heavy dose of Pentecostalism. And sprinkled on top by Jesus Christ Superstar.

During the 70s, many Methodist churches were experiencing the rockin and rollin feel of Pentecostalism. I was saved in the midst of Pentecostalism and baptism by the Holy Spirit. I can't tell the gifts I received that night; I only share when I feel led.

But the modernistic approach to the Gospel as interpreted by Jesus Christ Superstar and by the ministers I heard expounding on theology of love and that each of us is already saved really laid heavy on my heart.

So you would think that a hip liberal Christian like I am would be ok with pre-marital/living in sin sex.  I am not.

It just really bothers me that any Christian would think that having casual sex is acceptable to do repeatedly or living together is acceptable. That to me is just hyper-hypocritical.

Now this is not a knock on homosexuality. To me marriage is marriage whether is straight or it's LGBT. That's not the point I'm making here. But pretending that having sex outside the bounds of marriage is OK as a Christian--that has always bothered me.

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