Saturday, August 17, 2013

Praying Each Month for School Safety

Ok--I read a weird article today about a group of people going into the schools, laying hands on school walls and praying for safety of the school. Each month.  Wow--talk about some weird stuff.

Hey I'm as Christian as the next person but this seems really odd.  But if a group of people want to go lay hands on school walls each month, let them pray. We all want school safety and our children to be safe.

But I'm not supporting it.  It's a real throw into the face for other religious beliefs--you're Jewish? Get out of the way and let us pray.  We are all instructed to have prayer in appropriate places, not as a tool to flaunt ourselves as holier than thou. This to me is exactly what this is: flaunting with an extra slap in the face in a government building.

And then the comments on Facebook. Some of these comments are disturbing--there are people like this in Chattanooga? Wiccans are threatening to go into schools and throw salt. Ok--this type of absurdity is why the Bill of Rights freedoms were outlined.

Unlike some clueless Facebook commenters who stated that this country was founded on Christianity--it was really founded on freedom from persecution no matter the religious beliefs!! 

The First Amendment protects all religious beliefs from government designation. No Founding Father wanted one religion above another. Freedom FROM not freedom for. Big, huge difference. Hey, you want to be a Druid like many Founding Fathers were, find your tree; no one is going to stop you. 

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