Sunday, August 25, 2013

Restaurant in North Charleston and Racism

Racism is still here.

A group of 25 African-Americans were denied service at Wild Wings in North Charleston because a customer(s) felt threatened by their black presence.  In an effort to deter the group, the group waited almost two hours before being told service was being denied.

Here is my interest. Who had enough influence, enough pull to say they felt threatened and caused this reaction by the restaurant management?

Yeah, racism is here. How can that be--we have a black president. A lot of people voted for a black president in 2008 to try to be Pontius Pilate and wash their hands of their racism.

We all profile. We see Jeremy Lin play professional basketball but how prevalent are the "slant eye playing round ball" jokes. Profiling.

We see a house with a bunch of cars around it. Hispanic, we think. Profiling.

We see an old mini-van with a bunch of kids rambling around inside. Hispanic, we think. Profiling.

We see a group of 25 African-Americans wanting to be seated in a restaurant and we feel threatened. Profiling.

We are sitting in a car and see a black male with pants hanging low--black gang banger, we think. Are my car doors locked? Profiling.

If you're black and it's past 5:00, don't be caught in town--numerous cities in the North, South, and West. Racism isn't a Southern thing; it's everywhere.

And let's not even discuss our society's thoughts and reactions to interracial dating and marriage. Racism is still here; ignore and deny if you wish.

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