Friday, September 13, 2013

Constitution Week 2010 Video Clip from Chatt State Students

I keep re-posting this YouTube playlist on my Constitution Week guide at work. It is such a great collection of quips of what the First Amendment means.  There are two, very short video clips in the playlist; here are my favorite quotes:

Clip One:
I think it's awesome. I fought for this country so that we can have that right.
2 minute 17 mark to 2 minute 22 mark

Clip Two:
My right to look at dirty filthy nasty pornography anytime I choose just because I like to.
44 second mark to 50 second mark

I don't give a #@$* if you're a homophobe or not, you need to get over it.
55 second mark to 59 second mark

And now the two video clips. Enjoy! I always do when viewing this playlist!

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